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Three Professional Services that Could Have a Dramatic Effect on Your Business... To Gain More Customers And Increase Your Profits...

Why Your Website Needs To Be on Page 1 Of Every Major Search Engine

Search Engine Statistics

Search engine reach in the UK is the highest, with search engines reaching 85% of users.

The U.K. has the most active online population in Europe, with the highest average number of daily visitors (21.8m), the highest usage days per month (21 per user), and the highest average time spent per month per user (34.4 hours).

Source: Comscore

More people are searching for information on the Internet than ever before.

Proven statistics show that 85% of people in the UK are using search engines to find that information.

Today, while you're reading this page, buyers are searching for your product or service.

So do you have a website that helps you make more sales?

If potential customers cannot find your business online, then you need to do something about it.

Your potential customers will expect you to have a webiste. Not just any website, but one that looks professional and gives them what they want -- useful information.

Your competitors will not be doing everything could to boost their online presence... but they will, and soon.

For an affordable Professional SEO Service to boost your website position to page one in the major search engines...

Expert SEO service

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Search Engine Optimisation That is Affordable and Could Increase Your Sales

Whatever your budget - I'm sure I can help you.

I specialise in the following areas:

  • Proven SEO methods for small and medium sized businesses to increase your website's ranking
  • Search engine friendly website design for new online ventures
  • Website redesign to improve on-page optimization and increase your website's SE positioning

Search Engine Marketing strategies are built to fit your exact requirements, however large or small.

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SEO Solutions That Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website To Make More Sales

Our methods to increase your website's position in the search engines, will be tailored to your specific requirements and the type of industry.

We will assess your competition and build back-links to your website that will allow you to outrank most of your industry rivals.

Factors that impact upon your desired results are:

- Your type of business (B2B or B2C)

- The number of pages in your website

- The number of Search Engine visitors to attract

- The competitiveness of your online market

You can expect highly affordable SEO solutions and I am currently working with companies in the following industries:

*Services (Driving Schools, Removal Companies)

*Legal (Solicitors, Surveyors)

Positive rankings can sometimes be seen in a matter of weeks, depending on your competition.

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SEO Reports That Keep You Informed of Your Websites Climb Up the Search Engines

You will receive detailed reports showing your rankings, your progress, and competitor information on a four weekly basis.


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To keep you informed of all progress:


to see example reports produced each month

Prices starting at just £195, for a monthly agreement, or £695 for a full campaign depending on your budget, industry and your specific requirements.

Contact me now for your specific SEO requirements or more information...

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For Affordable Search Engine Friendly SEO Website Design or Re-Design...

Expert web design

Adrian Kelly - seo consultant

SEO Consultant Adrian Kelly

I have had years of experience in building, marketing and profiting from numerous successful websites that make money.

I have worked for multimillion pound companies, including a top 10 global car manufacturer in sales and marketing, so I know that growing profits is the bottom line for you.

Contact me for more details...

Expert SEO service