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SEO Reports are generated on all aspects of your website's progress. Professional search engine ranking reports are then sent to you every month while we are working for you.

How do these detailed reports help you?

They help you in three specific ways:

- You can see what progress we are making
- You can see what your competitors are doing
- You can see your website climb the search engines

Our aim is to boost your website position in the search engines and this is how we keep you informed:

SEO Report 1 - Ranking Analysis

As soon as we can start working with you, we will produce a search engine ranking analysis report. You will know exactly where your website is currently positioned in all the major search engines for your chosen keywords:

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SEO Report 2 - Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing can help improve your own website positioning. If your competitors are performing well, you can replicate their success and make even more improvements to overtake them:

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SEO Report 3 - On page Optimisation

Report three let's you know how well your on-page search engine optimisation is performing. This report will show you exactly how each search engine, particularly Google, Yahoo and MSN, see 'snippets' of your web pages.

This shows us where to make changes to your website so your website performs better than your competitors:

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SEO Report 4 - Page Indexation

Knowing what pages of your website are indexed is essential. SEO Report 4 that we will produce for you, will show which pages may be left out of the index.

Generally speaking, the more pages that are indexed from your website the better:

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SEO Report 5 - SEO Ranking Score

This final report will show how your search engine ranking positions (SERP'S) are progressing. You will be able to compare your first ranking score with your final page 1 rankings.

You will see your SEO progress for your website in an easy to read number calculation. It is simple to understand - jargon free and gives you a visual aid:

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